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About me

A few words about who I am.

Who’s the handsome devil up there?

My name is Robert Darasz and in a few words I am a Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer from Poland. Born in Germany, Poznań is where I grew up, later ended up living for some time in Washington D.C.. Currently I’m studying graphic design in my hometown, working as a Front-End Developer and UX Designer in a ticketing company but also as a freelancer for individual clients
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My skills and experience

4+ years of professional experience as a designer and web developer

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript – these are things I see pretty much everyday. I know my way around Joomla and WordPress (which by the way supports this website). Last year I’ve taken my first steps in the world of 3D software – more precisely, Cinema 4D. As a designer I tend to spend at least 8 hours of my day in front of the computer and/or sheet of paper being focused on desiging or programming. Over the past 4 years of my professional carrier I’ve participated in the development of over 30 bigger creations, not to mention the smaller ones.

Right now I’m working for Roboticket as a Front-end Developer and UX Designer. In the past I’ve used to be a Graphic Designer for Nova Group – an advertising agency in Poznań. From years 2013 to late 2014 I’ve been a Front-End Developer and Designer at mobiAR. In 2013 I started studying Graphic Design / Visual arts in Poznań.



Around 2007 I’ve started thinking seriously about photography. At first I was overwhelmed by the thought of becoming a photographer and earning my living of capturing pictures, but over time I’ve lost my focus due to getting more into graphic desing.

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Front-End / WebDesign

Graphic Design / Front-End

From when I was a little kid I have shown much interest in things where computers were involved, learning how to make websites being one of them. Other than that I’ve always enjoyed drawing and sketching my surroundings and coming up with creative ideas was never a big deal for me.

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